A Fuz is a person that likes to make believe that perfectly normal females are actually transgender crossovers. The reason is most likely because of homosexual tendencies. Typical slang in Australia especially Sydney and Kings Cross
Dan: Man that chick is a total Fuz I bet.
Milo: No way, you are gay!
by xxxMiloxxx April 21, 2007
Top Definition
can be found owning the dancefloor in downtown usa..most likely after downing crazy amounts of interestingly flavoured drinks..key moments involve..dolly partens "9-5" and "sit down" by james..were..yup you guessed it..he will actually sit down.
Ha you think your drunk..look at FUZ!
Well sure i can dance but not as well as FUZ
I wanna be like FUZ
by Jamesy February 03, 2005
A mental addiction to masturbation. Believed to have derived in England as a result of an urban myth regarding a particular sufferer. However the more analytical believe is that it drew this name from the affect heavy masturbation can have on the pubic region.
"it's an illness Mum, i've got Fuz"
by Ferris April 26, 2004
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