Fat Upper Pussy Area
Hey did you see the English teacher's FUPA?
: yeah . . . gross
by Palmer Student February 10, 2008
An excess amount of fat in the pubic area; More popular between old people. Fun to look and stare at, point at, and touch, FUPA's are fun for everyone!
Often mispelled as FUJI, a popular name-brand bottled water that the rich drink (its 4 fricken dollars for ONE pint!). The rich don't believe in FUPA's.
Can i touch your FUPA?

Why do you have a grapefruit in your pant-......oh.

Introducing, the new BOWFLEX: FUPA edition!

One time, my friend touched my music teachers FUPA, and he was sucked in like a tornado. I never saw him again.
by Jeffro-mania April 26, 2006
A Fupa is usually found on a relativley thin girl. Fupa stands for fat upper pussy area. A fupa is the pot belly that is found above the genital area or lower stomach. It might look like the girl is a few months pregnant. It is best seen from the side view.
I thought that girl was skinny until she turned to the side and I saw her fupa!
by Stephanie Ling April 05, 2006
Fat upper pussy area.
Like when you see a girl, and she has a fat pussy. She has a FUPA.
by bobbic January 12, 2006
An abnormally large woman, a fat bitch, the name is derived from the sound a womans stomach makes when she sits down (fwapuh).
Dam dude that fupa made rosie o donnel look tiny!
by Dballer13 August 20, 2005
Damn dude that chick has a FUPA!
by wmalaneej March 27, 2005
Area located below the stomach, but above the private area. Only called "Fupa" when it is overly fat. Fupa is an anagram for "Fat Upper Pussy Area" or "Fat Upper Penis Area"
"Dude, that chick has a huge fupa!"
by John Boy December 17, 2003

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