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A funblower is a person that refuses to have fun and in doing so blows all the fun away for others. A funblower does not believe in smiling. laughing, speaking, or going to get ice cream. A funblower is a term of endearment and should not be used to describe serious mean people. Calling someone a funblower is a good way to get them to loosen up and live a little.
A: "Hey SS want to go to Graeter's and get some ice cream?"
SS: " Is the funblower coming because if he is I do not want ice cream!"
A (laughing): " Who is the funblower?"
SS: " Mr. F!"
A (laughing so hard she pees in pants): " What is a funblower?"
SS: "Mr. F is a funblower because he blows all the fun away"
A: " SS, you are brilliant. I have never in my life come across a more spot on description of a person. Now come on I have to go change my pants and tell the funblower that we are going to go get ice cream without him"
by alilann1975 August 02, 2009
A funblower is one that that blows all the fun away. Usually an uptight, no fun having male with black hair.
Don't be such a funblower you boring dolt- life is meant to be lived- so get over it and laugh a little.
by aligal1975 July 31, 2009
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