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Some one who, literally, has the act of intercourse for a head.
Look at that kid with the 'free weezy' shirt. He is such a fuckhead.
by logybear November 06, 2010
0 2
noun/verb: a person trying to impress..whoever with what he/she thinks are creative words of phrases.
WOW! Connor is seriously being a fuckhead!
by john jacob jingle henrik schmi October 05, 2008
1 3
1)a persom whom you do not like;2) a dumb ass
Shane is a fuckhead, they call the cops on me for anything, even looking at them funny.
by Mr. Kike April 27, 2008
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A fuck head is someone who is perennially fucked up on class A drugs either at raves, squats or at home.

NB. For all u yanks out there; we have drug classification over in the UK - class A drugs r the worst ones - Coke, E's, Ketamine, Acid etc, etc.
Look at those gurning fuckheads mash up their brains - fuckin monkeys!
by Raydon February 20, 2004
9 11
absolute shit dick flaming ballsack of douchbaggery
Your ex is a total fuckhead
by sambalayne September 29, 2012
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someone who has been fucked in the head....

mentally or physically...

hey fuck head....hows it going lol;;;;( sarcastic )
by bukowski October 16, 2006
4 7
an someone you dislike,an idiot, stupid
"why that georgia is sure a mighty fine fuckhead
why yes. she stood on my foot 3 times toady"
by Angeli B. August 23, 2005
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