Short for "FUck BAck" which is the low back pain that results from vigorous sex or perhaps unorthodox positions.
FUBA also just happens to people that are out of shape and don't fuck enough.
Wow! I had a great time banging her last night but woke up with severe FUBA.

Recommended for FUBA -- Chiropractic & Yoga
by Jeff D April 20, 2003
Acronym for Fat Under Bollacks/balls Area (Derived from FUPA (fat upper pussy/penis area)).
My FUBA is sweaty.
by FUBA-licious April 28, 2011
"Fuck You Buddy Award"

An award that says fuck you.
Shawn deserves to win a FUBA.
by SenorFUBA December 15, 2014
Fat upper back area derived from FUPA
Holy shit! Not only does that chick have a FUPA she also has a FUBA!!!!
by JES/JOEY July 15, 2006

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