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FTZ is an acronym for the prepositional phrase, "from the zoo." It is most commonly used among youth in the African-American community, though older members of this community have been known to use it as well. While both men and women use it at their leisure, the term is rarely used in reference to women - this is a man's acronym.

Its etymology is two-fold: it is appropriated from the racial epithet for African-Americans (see: monkey), and it has many commonalities with "wilin" and other forms of acting crazy and not giving a damn to the man.

Quite ironically, this term has positive connotations. To refer to someone as "FTZ" is one of the highest praises a young African-American can bestow on his peer. This is because the person to whom the phrase refers is a true beast, the type of individual who needs to be locked up in a zoo to be studied by the masses and admired for his unwillingness to flinch in a difficult situation. Most men bow their heads in shame in the face of defeat, and succumb to the forces around them, but a true beast rises to the occasion and needs to be forcefully restrained - this is because he is from the zoo.
John is so thug, that g be wilin' last night - he straight FTZ! (Note the exclamation point. This form of punctuation is necessary to express the point of the beast to whom the sentence refers.)
by Pere Goriot December 07, 2011
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