FTS means "Fuck That Shit"
may be used almost for every occasion
"Damn! the papers are due to tomorrow oh well FTS"
"FTS im going to grab my self a beer"
"My boyfriend left me two days ago FTW i'll find a new one"
by Chris-Vox@-Dreamers As Kings November 22, 2011
Fuck This Shit
Shit! He doesn't like me....FTS!
by bridgetkileyy January 13, 2011
Stands for "Fuck that shit". Often used to disregard something unappealing.
Person 1:You guys got your ass kicked in basketball today.
Person 2: FTS. You're black and like 7 feet tall!
by FlaminPlaidDuck November 08, 2010
"Fucking Thing Sucks"

Coined by Bill O'Rielly's freak out. (YouTube it if you don't have a clue)

Abbreviated by the gangsters at Cascadia Community College.

Can be found on several physics and calc exams.
Student 1: Dude, you just take the integral of it!
Student 2: WTF!? There's no words on it! FTS!!!
by Professor.Awesome December 20, 2009
DAMN that guy has some FT's
by MP32 August 28, 2009
Fuck The System
Man idk about u but i say Fts!!
by GraffBash909 August 24, 2009
Fuck This Shit

Usually said when a person has given up or is in an extremely bad mood.
FTS im done!
by Kamakazi339 October 21, 2008

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