FUCK THE JUGGALOS!! A small group dedicated souly to killing Juggalos.
Frank - "Man these Juggalos are pissing me off. They think they are safe hanging out in groups, and they think that ICP can rap. What can be done?"

Jack - "Dude, don't worry about them. The FTJ is eventually gonna find out and KILL THEM ALL."
by Juggalo Killa October 28, 2009
Top Definition
Means fuel the jet, like said by Leo in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which was a hell of a movie.
person 1: dude FTJ now!!

person 2: what does that mean?

person 1: FUEL THE JET!!!!!!!!!
by Fahot June 25, 2009
abbreviation for "fuck this job"
boss: dude, get your ass over there and clean up

employee: ftj, you people don't pay enough for this shit.
by ragna rok March 04, 2010
facethejury.com gone acronym mofo
¡hit mad wiminz off ftj nga!
by secks August 05, 2003
Fuck Tom Jackson, Represented by the closed fist with the arm at a 90 degree angle. Referring to the Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Back, He is a horrible one.
Dude, He Just missed that tackle, FTJ!!!

Where is he? There he is FTJ!!
by Yamishy April 09, 2008
Fear the Jumpshot
Alex yeiss #7 is FTJ all day
by jopen yeiss October 22, 2008
Field Trip Journal

The informal type report required to finalise and document any organised/group field trips.
Organiser: You need to write up an FTJ after we come back from this educational trip to the local farms.
by Mr.Pigeon June 04, 2016
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