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6 definitions by Fahot

Means fuel the jet, like said by Leo in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which was a hell of a movie.
person 1: dude FTJ now!!

person 2: what does that mean?

person 1: FUEL THE JET!!!!!!!!!
by Fahot June 25, 2009
After watching a movie, its the feeling you get which makes you feel like it was one of the best movies you've ever seen. You talk about it the whole car ride home claiming it was amazing, but the next day you realize it was just an average movie.
Dude 1: holy crap that movie was amazing with all the actions parts!!

Dude 2: I know we have to watch it again!!!

Next Day

Dude 1: Yea, you know it was an ok movie. I dont wanna see it again.

Dude 2: Yea the movie tickets are so expensive anyways no one wants to waste their money. I guess we were just on a movie high.
by Fahot July 02, 2009
A shortening of the word awesome. said by people to make them sound cool when theyre really not. People who say this usually are stupid and think that everybody loves them.
person 1: wow youre so cool!

person 2: no, im awes.
by Fahot April 26, 2009
A NFL team in the AFC. They are a very dangerous team to be playing. The Indianapolis Colts won their first superbowl..... superbowl XLI. The baltimore colts, relocated to indianapolis won only superbowl V. Afer all this long time they finally won a big one beating the Chicago Bears 29-17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!
and the indianapolis colts just won superbowl 41. oy my god they finally did it!!!!
by Fahot February 16, 2007
a team in the nfl. they are in the afc. they originated from baltimore, being called the baltimore colts until 1983.
the indianapolis colts won superbowl XLI
by Fahot February 19, 2007
an ok quarterback. hes got the best wide receivers in the league that catch passes anywhere and has a great running back. if he was on any other team he would have normal numbers at best. he is so overrated its not even funny...whoever says he is underrated is just plain stupid.
tom brady is underrated, don't you think so?

no are you stupid hes always on tv and is overrated,Peyton mannings still good without Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez
by Fahot December 01, 2007