Acronym meaning Fuck That Guy. Sometimes used in video games when you keep losing to someone else.
Man: I was playing some Call of Duty last night and this guy kept killing me with his riot shield, so I said FTG and played some campaign.
by bDizzle13 October 12, 2010
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"fuck that game" meaning in playing a horrid or stupid game on a console.

Pepe: "FTG"
by jphesse October 16, 2009
Means "f*ck this game". An expression used when frustrated with a video game, instead of saying FML, thus f*cking your whole life and not the video game itself.
I just died because of the stupid idiot playing with me! FTG!
by Macslave August 23, 2010

When Linfield supporters hear about yet another Dlentoran complaining about Linfield being better than them< this is what their reply is:

GLENTORAN: third best team in Belfast.
LINFIELD: The best football team in Ireland (North and South)
Glen man:" It's just not fair, we will never be as good as Linfield"

Blue man: "FFS stop gurning, you stupid shite< and BTW, FTG!
by primaltoast January 14, 2011
FTG is a simple acronym for FUCK the Giants. Although it's puzzling why the New York Giants (the NFL team) have attracted so many haters, one thing is clear: there are quite a few people who hate the Giants and the large majority of them are sick and tired of expressing this virulent hatred in so many syllables. Enter this pefect acronym, FTG.
Man, Eli Manning passed way poorly today. LOL, FTG.
Did you see Barber's helmet come off in the that skull crushing, back breaking hit? FTW, FTG!
It is COLD out today! FTG.
That sure is an ugly hoodie! FTG.
by Silver Stars January 13, 2011
For The Giggles. When someone says something that not too funny to LOL (laugh out loud) and deserves a healthy recognition, yo giggle. FTG FTW!
Jennifer: I'll going to make this as ridiculous as possible just for you
Damola: Awesome, I look forward to seeing it
Jennifer: It's going to be hilarious man, definitely have a huge FTG factor.
Damola: PUMPED!
by Damola November 18, 2012
Acronym for "Failure to Google". Due diligence before using a word you don't know well, making up a new one (or a new acronym), or relating information you're not sure of.
MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis. Good choice of acronym, Microsoft founders. That is a clear case of FTG.
by D. E. Lindner March 24, 2008

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