an acronym that means FUCK THE GOVERNMENT
George Bush is such a dumbass, FTG
by jake5150 April 01, 2007
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"fuck that game" meaning in playing a horrid or stupid game on a console.

Pepe: "FTG"
by jphesse October 16, 2009
Fuck That Gay Shit
guy 1 - "you wanna have a sleepover??"

guy 2 - "FTGS"
by SandMan_iNc. September 27, 2011
Acronym meaning Fuck That Guy. Sometimes used in video games when you keep losing to someone else.
Man: I was playing some Call of Duty last night and this guy kept killing me with his riot shield, so I said FTG and played some campaign.
by bDizzle13 October 12, 2010
Stands for "Fuck the Griz"

Used mostly by students, alumni, and fans of the Montana State University Bobcats to insult the University of Montana Grizzlies.

Also see muck fissoula
"I'm gettin' FTG put on the plates of my car."

"What's that mean?"

"Fuck the Griz!"
by g-man January 18, 2005
FTG is a social gaming community on Xbox Live that stands for Full Throttle Gaming, that is mainbased in Halo games, but also has a small standing of people in the Call of Duty franchise.

The community website is www.ftggaming.net, which is mainly in use in the forum section where important information to be passed.
Tonight, FTG has a matchmaking night, so I will be getting on Halo: Reach to play it.

There are many people who like to change their Xbox Live gamertags to have FTG in front of them, here are a few examples:

FTG Starfire
FTG Night Angel
FTG tRadients
FTG Nascar
FTG StormyChill
FTG Goten v2
FTG Spartan
FTG RobinHood
FTG Ruuku
FTG Vstrike
by BlueStatic August 28, 2012
Full Throttle Gaming stands for FTG, It can also mean other things, like f*** that guy, government etc. Full Throttle Gaming is a gaming community on the Xbox 360. Users sometimes put FTG Before there username, for example:
FTG Soul Reaper
FTG Savagedenuts
FTG Crabs
by SavagedenutsxX October 11, 2011

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