Stands for "Fuck the Griz"

Used mostly by students, alumni, and fans of the Montana State University Bobcats to insult the University of Montana Grizzlies.

Also see muck fissoula
"I'm gettin' FTG put on the plates of my car."

"What's that mean?"

"Fuck the Griz!"
by g-man January 18, 2005
Top Definition
"fuck that game" meaning in playing a horrid or stupid game on a console.

Pepe: "FTG"
by jphesse October 16, 2009
Acronym meaning Fuck That Guy. Sometimes used in video games when you keep losing to someone else.
Man: I was playing some Call of Duty last night and this guy kept killing me with his riot shield, so I said FTG and played some campaign.
by bDizzle13 October 12, 2010
"For the girls"

The act of never being in favor of anything that your bros want to do. It is rumored that if you're FTG for too long, you will turn into a girl.
Normal guy: Dude my ex is such a bitch!
FTG guy: No shes not dude shes actually really cool
Normal guy: you're so FTG bro
by Jsl_photo May 29, 2016
Means "f*ck this game". An expression used when frustrated with a video game, instead of saying FML, thus f*cking your whole life and not the video game itself.
I just died because of the stupid idiot playing with me! FTG!
by Macslave August 23, 2010

When Linfield supporters hear about yet another Dlentoran complaining about Linfield being better than them< this is what their reply is:

GLENTORAN: third best team in Belfast.
LINFIELD: The best football team in Ireland (North and South)
Glen man:" It's just not fair, we will never be as good as Linfield"

Blue man: "FFS stop gurning, you stupid shite< and BTW, FTG!
by primaltoast January 14, 2011
1. An entire statement: "Fuck Tony George." This acronym has been used hundreds of thousands of times by fans of open wheel racing when discussing Tony George, a former CART board member who formed the rival and inferior Indy Racing League (IRL), which led to the reduction in popularity of open wheel racing and the rapid rise of NASCAR.

2. A mid-sentence noun: "Fucking Tony George."
1. The Indy 500 is now a joke. Champ Car was purchased by the IRL for car count and some events. The crapwagons are the "top level," God help us. FTG!!!!

2. Did you see all the news articles? Now FTG might be on his way out of his responsibilities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, good riddance.
by jayinatlanta June 10, 2009
'FTG' is net speak for 'for the gay'

used similarly to FTW but with a different sentiment
woolworths ftw, 7-11 is like, ftg
by wiseguy_31 March 11, 2006
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