"For the Fucking Lose". A name often used in the roleplaying website www.gaiaonline.com. Users type ftfl for emphasis on something extremely fucking dumb someone just stated.
"Lol I r S0 drnkkkk in tha geedee becuz I had too much to drinkkkk, lulz"
"FTFL; You fucking fail".
by walter spracklin August 04, 2007
Top Definition
An abbreviation used on forums and chats that means "For the fucking lose." It is used when something that the original poster has said or drawn attention to is seen as moronic or infantile.
Person One: Did you hear that Uwe Boll is directing Back to the Future IV: The Search for Biff?
Person Two: FTFL
by Jonk382 March 16, 2008
A gamer term meaning For The Fucking Loss.
Expert: Hahahaha!!! You got pwned!!!

Noob: Man thats ftfl
by Zachman112 February 22, 2008

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