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FTFB is an acronym which stands for Fake Tan Fake Blonde in reference to the "fake" girls, particularly those who belong to Southern California beach communities and metropolises. They complete their generic look by using a spray-on tan (or any alternate method) and easily recognizable dyed blonde hair.
The FTFB's in Santa Barbara all want to look the same and do cocaine.
by Neptune Tires April 17, 2009
13 3
The anagram of the phrase "Fuck that fat bitch!" May be used when referring to either animate or inanimate objects.
1.) Person #1: "Did you let Shelia borrow your car?"
Person #2: "Yeah, but when she returned it there was a big scratch on it!"
Person #1: "Man, FTFB!"

2.) Person #1: "Oh man, that sprinkler just got water ALL over me!"
Person #2: "FTFB!"
by Stoofuss December 13, 2006
8 4