Front Side BUS
Formerly known as CPU bus speed and system bus. It is the speed at which the CPU communicates with RAM (memory).
by Flamin Homer April 25, 2003
Top Definition
Internal security service in Russia, successor to the KGB's Second Chief Directorate (internal counterintelligence).
The KGB was disbanded into the SVR and the FSB in 1991.
by Dancing with Fire September 03, 2012
russian secret service...the new kgb
fsb, dumbass, get out of the fucking car
by viktor January 13, 2005
Funk Soul Brother
Someone whos soul is closely connected to yours through funk.
"Right about now."
"The FSB."
"Check it out now.
"The FSB."
by Camalach May 27, 2009
Full Speed Baby
It's replacing YOLO as the current trendy word
Living life by a new code.. FSB
by yummymuffintops April 20, 2012
Fuck Stupid Bitches
Kate: duuuude, jenna is starting shit again. lololol
Donna: damn, she gets on my nerves. fsb D:<
by dancefuckerdance May 12, 2011
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