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Fred says hi means literally " I am high" but in another term.
The term was originated, from when you smoke weed you are two sided ( schizophrenic ). You are a different person when u smoke weed there for its not *you name* says hi.
Although you do have control when you are high, unlike alcohol, you still get those trips where u feel like you can not control the high. I.E Fred has taken over.

Its fred, because fred has taken over.
It has been used as a slang all over high schools so that the straight edge kids got no idea, nor do the teachers and parents as well. But what i find is that if you continue to use it constantly everyone will know the term "Fred says hi" and in fact everyone will use use it. Including the teachers
Yooo dawwwgg Fred says hiiiiii
you dun know!

Yo i just saw Fred,
that bitch is crazy!

I'm sooooooooooooo fred.

Fred says hi, its not lie
that when u flies in the sky, up high
his spirit will never die!

Your fred u lucky bitch

Have u seen fred, i really need to see him.

by Tiggy4lyfe October 16, 2010

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