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A term made popular by Counter Strike evolving into a competitive sport meaning Frags Per Round.

Now branching out to other games such with a competitive ladder system.
My FPR during a pub is 2.78 but during a scrim, it drops to 1.2
by bangfish August 26, 2009
Stands for Further Pure Rage.

Most commonly seen in further mathematics A-Level students, FPR is induced by being taught about/doing work surrounding the further pure units of the maths course. Side effects may include blindness, frustration and, in extreme cases, broken possessions.
Guy #1: Why are your ears steaming?
Guy #2: I just got out of further maths, and I'm fuming with FPR.
Guy #2: Oh, it's that time of the week again.
by Oletha December 02, 2009
Ford Performance Racing

HRT- holden trash
by blazemaul August 07, 2005
Acronym: Fighting, Raping, Pillaging
Being a Pastafarian isn't just FPR, it is so much more.
by Lord Maynard August 22, 2008

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