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First Poop of the Day.

Something one might shout out, tweet about, or post on someone elses facebook wall, after taking their first poop of the day.

Not to be confused with FPOTD (fourth poop of the day), FPOTD (fifth poop of the day), or the ever more legendary FPOTD (fifteenth poop of the day).
guy 1: "FPOTD!"
guy 2: "Really dude? Its 11pm. Ive pooped like 3 times already."
by 164Seton September 24, 2011
first post of the day

(What someone in web forum might post at 5 am)
by Karl Hankin August 26, 2006
acronym meaning "First Post Of The Day." On some message boards or threads it is used to denote that a specific person or post was teh first made on that calendar day
I made the FPOTD when I was the first person to post after midnight.
by Damon Caine August 26, 2006
Frivolous Purchase Of The Day
I just got back from making my FPOTD.
by adelossa September 07, 2006

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