fuck politics krew; used by a group of graffiti artist to put out a anti-political message in short
fuck politics krew-fpk
fuck police krew-fpk
fuck pigs krew-fpk
fast writers krew-fpk
by "BekoS" December 11, 2006
Top Definition
Stands for Fiesta Pack Krew. Straight outta Desert Hot Springs, CA. 760! Colors are pink and red. FPK will wreck you AND your mom, so I don't suggest fuckin around with them. They are the freshest, most vicious, most maniacal group of motherfuckers you will ever come in contact with. And they should be respected as superior.
Kid 1: "Dude, wtf happened to you?!"
Kid 2: "Some fuckers in pink shirts just kicked my ass, 'cause I don't like DelTaco!"
Kid 1: "FPK did this?! You're lucky to be alive fool!"
by Asylum760 December 01, 2009
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