One of the legendary Visper Crew. beware! this arab son-of-a-bitch smuggles babies and steals a towel off your ass in a sauna!

REWARDS: $50000 Alive, $100000 Dead, $100 if you return my child
by Cold0ne March 19, 2003
Top Definition
Stands for "favorite person."
Sarah is not just my girlfriend, but she's also my FP.
by lilsweetie994 April 22, 2011
fp mate, i would

i know mate, who wouldn't?
by slaaaaaaaag December 26, 2007
Meaning fat potential. Refers to a girl who is not necessarily fat, but who has the potential to ballon into a fat ass-cow like creature. If you are unsure if a girl fits into this category take my father's advice and "look at the mother to see what the girl is going to look like in the future."
"Hey does my girlfriend have fp?"
"I'm going to dump her tomorrow"
by Rodge Dodger July 16, 2003
An abbreviation of First Poster. The person who began a thread on a forum or image board.
I think the FP on this thread is just trolling us.
by Whatnao September 27, 2011
Short for 'Fat Pussy.'

Used to describe someone who is known for making excuses or backing out of plans.

Originated at UC Davis to describe students who did not want to partake in drunken festivities.
Don't be an FP, come to the bars with us!
by The Original FP June 08, 2005
Fat Potential, used in the movie "Sasquatch Gang" to describe a skinny girl in a store, who in the future could inflate
"damn look at that babe!"
"i wouldn't go for her."
"why not?"
"she has serious FP"
by rumble in the jungle December 09, 2008
An abbreviation for Facepalm
Guy 1: Dude, she was hot when I took her home but when I woke up this morning she gained 200 pounds!
Guy 2: *FP*
by Hameed Bach December 06, 2010

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