Abbreviation for Favourite Person.
I had such a great day with Sam, she is totally my new FP.
by pennylane April 03, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for "favorite person."
Sarah is not just my girlfriend, but she's also my FP.
by lilsweetie994 April 22, 2011
An abbreviation of First Poster. The person who began a thread on a forum or image board.
I think the FP on this thread is just trolling us.
by Whatnao September 27, 2011
Short for 'Fat Pussy.'

Used to describe someone who is known for making excuses or backing out of plans.

Originated at UC Davis to describe students who did not want to partake in drunken festivities.
Don't be an FP, come to the bars with us!
by The Original FP June 08, 2005
An abbreviation for Facepalm
Guy 1: Dude, she was hot when I took her home but when I woke up this morning she gained 200 pounds!
Guy 2: *FP*
by Hameed Bach December 06, 2010
Fair play. Used to express correctness or okay. Taken from sports where it is judged if the play, is within the rules.
Bob "I just dropped my phone. I got a new one though."
Rob "F.P"


Bob "I just dropped my phone. I got a new one though."
Rob "F.P, F.P"

by Pavster May 14, 2007
It stands for Fat Puss.
Stop being such an FP!!
by iloveyouneelaaaa May 28, 2016
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