originally was just a term scarsly used to mean a room or house with weapons attached.
I went to foom 2 just this morning
by Cpt. NMV June 07, 2003
Top Definition
Acronym for FOG OUT OF MOUTH in winters, when you can see your breath as vapor.
Megan: Hey! Is it winter yet?
Daniel: I am Fooming already! Must mean winter's here!
by junglee_janwar May 14, 2015
A boner
andrew:thats straight up!

Joe:like my FOOM!!!!
by FOOMliker March 25, 2010
Foom is the sound that's made when your head explodes, like if someone's using too many sexual innuendos in a conversation on MSN.
1: I used a 10 foot pole to get that fish from the canal.
2: *foom*

His head hath just exploded.
by Bud von Rapier August 01, 2006
The act of using your foot as a broom because you are too lazy to go to the closet to get a real broom to sweep something up.
I foomed the crumbs off to the side.

This floor looks dirty here. I think I will give this a quick foom.
by thestoneworker April 28, 2014
Take a hit #JWH
We foom cause we foomin at the mouth
by Mr foomtastic January 20, 2012
Foom is the sound fire makes. It's used in the Lenore comic by Roman Dirge.
"O.K., so you like don't remember I was here before and I was frolicking about with a bunny on my head and... and you said 'Let's dance' and I said 'O.K.' and the next thing I knew you're all FOOM with the fire and the evil and the kill'n..."
-- Lenore #7, 'The Dream Catcher'
by Dreu Loy May 21, 2004
elissa, cool, a nice sound.
fiona apple is coming out with a new album. foom!
by jess October 24, 2004

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