Flow on the Go. An act of smoking the leaf of the cannabis plant whilst driving down a long and lonesome road.
Hey man, you wanna head down Airport and take a F.O.G.?
by Nordic Jesus October 09, 2006
the day after getting really high, and you have a marijuana hang over.

not being all there the next day after consuming a lot of THC
to get over "the fog" exercise, take a warm bath, drink water until you're 100% normal
by Katlinn January 05, 2012
Creates an obstructive fog across a scene.
With the use of a Fog and a run through the streets of London, I could hear Farqual cursing behind me.
by Kwing October 28, 2009
or FOGS is an analagy for Fresh out of Grade School. Used in refernce to niners or freshman, most often.
that girl is clearly a FOG
by tbs152 October 19, 2010
Fat Obnoxious Girl

The name used to describe THAT fat annoying girl at a party who is the epitomy of an attention whore.
She is usually the loudest person in the room and will raid your fridge of all drunk munchies including ice cream, chips, leftovers, and even garbage.

A FOG needs to be over 170lbs and lower than 6/10 scale.

"Her personality is a sole deterrent of every attractive party-goer having a social connection"

He shall not hook up with a FOG
There is a heavy FOG rolling in.

Visability has been compromised due to dense FOG

Who let the FOG in?
by JJDHar July 01, 2010
Prison slang for cigarette; mostly heard in Baltimore.
Aye yo, you got a fog?!
by C_1 March 29, 2010
Flash Of Gash
-Grundy Had A FOG
by S.Own February 28, 2010

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