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The Russian counterpart to the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs), the Father of all Bombs.
Russia just destroyed a village using a FOAB.
by SomeoneSomewhere September 13, 2007
Acronym: Fuck Off Am Busy
FOAB doesn't necessarily mean that the speaker is busy, there are several situations in which it can be used.

Scenario 1 - Using it to respond to a stupid suggestion with indignity

Person 1: Hey you wanna go to the pictures?
Person 2: FOAB

Scenario 2 - Using it to dismiss somebody with discontent

Person 1: Hey guys, what you up to?
Group: FOAB

Scenario 3 - Reflecting your
by FiveCard April 10, 2015

immigrants from other countries
that foab smells like ass
by crosscut_sui December 03, 2004
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