fuck off ass. For use in a public setting where profanity may not be appropriate, but you still need to get rid of that annoying person breathing all up in your space.
guy (while breathing down girl's neck): hey there sweetlips, how 'bout you let me check you for ticks?

girl (flinging hair, throwing hand up): FOA!!
by Ms. Superfly July 23, 2009
Top Definition
First Of All . . . let me start off by saying . . . this is how it should be used. Can be written to start a sentence followed by a comma.
FOA, let me start off by saying that I regret my past actions and I hope that you are willing to give me a second chance.
by Vic2006 February 24, 2006
Really cool or interesting. Usually describing a group of people.
"They's the foas!", said Big Barb.
by The Fanster March 03, 2007
Stands for "Family over all" and was created by the rapper Kylo to be the name for his crew, who he considers family.

The term can also define a lifestyle of getting high off Marijuana, Drunk off Alcohol, Getting Money, and Getting Girls.
"F.O.A All Day!"
by notayoungboy09 April 25, 2012
Fruitcake On A Stick
Is frequenty used as a profanity, or as an offensive weapon.
I got this fruitcake at a wedding, and I jammed a stick in it, and now I have F.O.A.S.

Me: *hits you with F.O.A.S*
You: OW! Stop hitting me with F.O.A.S.!
by ImNotJimboJones July 10, 2010
the modern fob.
instead of being fresh off the boat, these people are fresh off the AIRPLANE.

(pronounced like foe-uh)
before the airplane was invented, asian immigrants landed in america on boats. hence, they were called fobs.

but after the airplane was invented, asian immigrants were now able to land in america on airplanes like continental airlines and air china. hence, the term FOA was born.
by mr.awesomeperson April 26, 2011
stands for Fuckboys of America
Congrats! You're an FoA.
by You're welcome ladies July 01, 2016
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