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an acronym for 'Full Nigger Kit' Which includes (but not limited to) an old shitty car such as a crown victoria, oldsmobile, or caprice etc. with unusually large 'spinnas,' a ridiculously loud and expensive earthquake machine (sound system), and multicolored primer 'paint' job. Other items that may be included in the 'FNK' are gold teeth (also known as grilz), ugly fat women, 'gats', and shwag. FNK's are usually found in close proximity to police officers with night sticks.
That was a genuine chocolate face pulled over in that FNK.
by gumbythump idiot June 12, 2007
Fresh New Kicks
Dude1: Dude i just got some F.N.K.'s
Dude2: Serious? What are they
Dude1: The Air Jordan Retro 1
Dude2: You better not make a kick return on those!
by Ryin82 October 18, 2008
a message board commonly mistaken for drugs by the unknowing.
"dude you on fnk?"
"No man, im trippin off some white dove."
by Clevich February 25, 2005
Slang Word for fuck.
In Order to pronounce it:
Funk - Minus the U, making Fnk
"here comes the police"
"Fnk the 5-0"
by WRIG DADDY May 26, 2008
A site that is for ravers and by ravers
Hey man did you check out

Are you an fnker?????(real meaning is are you a raver?)
by L0ungelizard February 24, 2005

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