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An out-of-place post. Submitted by someone who is so desperate to have their stories published that they'll post what should have been an FML to MLIA (or vice versa).

Today, I found out that my sister has been masturbating with my electric toothbrush for the past three years and hasn't cleaned it once! MLIA


Today, I fed my dog. FML
by UnusedCliche November 29, 2009
"Fuck, My Life Is Average" - A hybrid of FML (fuck my life) and MLIA (my life is average), two popular internet memes, expressing dissatisfaction that your life is not interesting enough to denote internet-level attention.
FMLIA all I did today was go to the gym today after work, and nothing remotely embarrassing or interesting happened.
by contributer #7029 July 26, 2009

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