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when someone submits an FML to fmylife.com and you are involved in it.
Today, I finally convinced a girl that I liked to have sex. I decided to swoop her off the feet like the movies and carry her to my bed. I ended up hitting her head on the door frame, knocking her out. FML

Being the girlfriend would be an example of being FML'd since you did not post the fml, but you are mentioned/involved in it.
by Bro Montana March 29, 2009

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friend- hey i know you were away but thought i would text you your gcse grades - U U U U U U E E F D

you- omg fmlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Eloe6772 October 10, 2010
Acronym for "fuck my life dude." Originating from the "No Sleep: College Remix" song, F.M.L.D. is a play off of Wiz Khalifa's lyric "T.G.O.D. (Taylor Gang or Die).
I just failed a test, fmld.
by phillyFaz April 12, 2011