future mother id like to fuck
she is really attractive, she is a total fmilf
by jsb8692 January 17, 2009
Facebook Mom I'd like to fuck. When a Parent or Guardian figure (most commonly Female) subscribes to face book. A trend that is know doubt increasing, can be found most commonly in the areas surrounding Orange County California.
"Hey man your mom just friended me on facebook yesterday." She's a Fmilf for sure"

by Dana A Cecere February 02, 2009
1.Fat man I'd love to fuck. Yes it is used in most situations when you see a reasonable sized man approaching you.
2.It may be also used just to point out afat person without sounding rude.
"Hey shannon look at the fmilf! what a fat fuck."

"Ya man total lard ass."
by lannon March 23, 2005

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