1.) Fuck Me Harder, often used to refer to a computer giving it's owner problems., see "Mortal Fear" by Greg Iles
Cannot connect!? Well FMH!
by piphipi August 24, 2008
FMH: (Action verb and an adjective)Fuck me hard or fuck me HARD, depending on the extremity of hardness you'd like to be fucked. Can be used as a good thing (ex. way to express a major turn on) or a worst case scenario (ex. finding out your fiance is not your baby's daddy)
"FMH" *Looking at picture of hot James Franco in his undies with uhhhhh his package bulking out* "FUCK ME HARD" XD

Teacher: "Okay class, your take home final is due today, it's worth 75% of your grade"

Student (who obviously didn't complete the assignment): FUCK ME HARD!
by Natnot_gnat October 23, 2010
1. From my heart.
2. Sometimes stands for fuck me harder.
1. Everything I said came fmh baby.
2. Fmh baby.
by wangsoon May 30, 2007
"Fuck Me Heels." Usually extremely high heels that can be clear and/or worn by strippers. May also be seen worn by prostitutes and cross-dressers. When these shoes are visible, you are sure going to be ready for a good time. CMFM
Watch out, somebody's gettin lucky tonight. She's wearing her FMHs!
by r.s. Reeves December 20, 2009
flip my hair; an acronym typically used by flamboyant people to add more purpose to a statement
"I was going to go out with John today but I told him that he had to pick me up at 8 or else I wouldn't go out with him. FMH"
by mily May 25, 2012
Fuck-Me Hips.
Damn, have you seen <girl>? She's got FMH.
by denimem February 14, 2012
Fecal Matter Happens
You know how it is; FMH
by sargasm January 12, 2010

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