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said when you are close to the edge and can't take anymore
fuck me harder now you're going to make me explode
by Anastasia April 08, 2005
Computer Slang. From the Jargon file:

Sometimes uttered in response to egregious misbehavior, esp. in software, and esp. of misbehaviors which seem unfairly persistent (as though designed in by the imp of the perverse). Often theatrically elaborated: "Aiighhh! Fuck me with a piledriver and 16 feet of curare-tipped wrought-iron fence *and no lubricants*!" The phrase is sometimes heard abbreviated `FMH' in polite company.
I got yet another BSOD cleaning up all the !@#$-ing spyware on my computer.
"Argh! Fuck me harder!"
by bobsyeruncle February 03, 2005
you have sex and you tell your partner to put some hard work into it.
fuck me harder justin *orgasm*
by erictequila May 05, 2016
we you just really need him to fuck you harder so you have to scream it at him to listen
by bellaisgross May 25, 2016
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