Fantasy Mission Force - The Greatest Clan to Ever Grace Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
I sure hope we don't play against FMF tonight.
by Alladar July 30, 2009
Top Definition
Fuck my Friends.
Someone who has completely distanced himself from his friends, becoming someone who no longer has any. For whatever reason, he/she has decided to fuck having/talking to their friends, hence the term, Fuck my Friends.
Dude what the fuck is wrong with Kyle?
Lol damn, I guess Kyle is going FMF
by doornoooooooooob April 07, 2013
"3 way" consisting of 2 females & 1 male
My girl brought her girl over last night and we had a FMF... my dick is raw today!
by Scott Free June 02, 2006
fuck me friday - commonly occurs sometime late morning or early afternoon on a work friday when you've set cruise control, thinking about the weekend, when some work related shit show happens to ruin the vibe.
I can't believe that my as swipe boss gave me all this shit that has to be finished by end of day today, and it's already friday afternoon; fuck me! This is classic FMF.
by dannosnarf August 17, 2014
An abbreviation for- Fuck Me Filthy
an extension and more emphatic way of saying Fuck Me.
You: I just one a $1000 on a scratch ticket!!!
Me: No Way! FMF!!!
You: FMF?
Me: Yea, Fuck Me Filthy!!!!
You: Mmmmm, okay!! ;)
by MissFytt August 31, 2014
"Fuck me Fashion"
"oh man that girls SMOKING in that outfit"
"dude, she's wearing a "F.M.F"
"you look, you gonna get SLAPPED!!!"
by A.C.E CHAOS PHANTOM September 23, 2009
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