-Fresher Mistake.
When you realize that you/someone else has done something silly/regrettable/funny that you would normally expect of someone in their first year at University/College (a fresher).
"Oh dear, last night was a complete F.M, I don't remember anything"

"That guy you got with last night was a bit of an F.M"

After falling down some stairs
"First F.M for the day"
by Sarah1904 May 15, 2008
short for "For Men". Usually preceeded by a persons initials.
NVFM = Nick Vlachos For Men
MHFM = Matthew Holding For Men
JOFM = Jordan Olsen For Men
by Fred212231 September 25, 2006
Refers to the popular hip-hop band Fort Minor. Fort Minor has released 1 album to date.
Guy1: Hey man that FM concert rocked!!
Guy2: Yeah man, petrified was the shit!!
by ChrisAus May 24, 2006
Abbreviated form of "Fat Momma", a (not necessarily derogatory) term used to describe a soft and plush woman with extraordinarily voluptuous curves. See BBW.
Gettaloadda that FM over there...I'd really like to be smothered by her lovin'!
by Dick Smothers December 06, 2003
stands for FUTURE MEDIA. streaming internet radio stations use this.
the "FM" in WWW.DI.FM stands for future media
by VodkanLemons July 07, 2005
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