friendship limiting move
Hitting on your friend's husband is an FLM for sure!
by Coldrot February 12, 2008
Top Definition
Fight like Matt.

One of sledge hockey's great players, and a Canadian, Matt Cooke, lost his final battle with cancer. Matt refused to ever give up, as proven by making Sledge Team Canada, after loosing his leg to cancer. Matt was a able-bodied hockey player who refused to let the cancer win, by living his life, and using the game of sledge hockey to play the sport he loved.
Bro: "I can't do this any more, I'm lost my leg. I'll never play hockey again!"

Dude: "Yes you can, you gotta FLM!!"
by jackalope_hunter April 05, 2010
One who eats lots of food and farts a lot - Fat Little Man
Roger went to Tolteca and got a huge salad, its only been two hours and he is eating again. Roger is a FLM.
by almost420dotcom May 07, 2007
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