Future Lower Back Problems
Damn did you see Angie Verona on theChive? That bitch is gonna have some FLBP...She's HOT lol
by MrChoco April 29, 2011
Future Lower Back Problems Chicks with Tits so enormous they will have future lower back problems. Made popular by the Chive. (google it)
Hey, did you see that chicks boobs, she will definitely have future lower back problems(FLBP).
by C_Max April 25, 2011
(F)uture (L)ower (B)ack (P)roblems.

Used when a lady has a big rack, thus ensuring FLBP.
We have a FLBP canidate right here!
by SchmaddaKid April 25, 2011
Acronym for Future Lower Back Problems, popularized by the website The Chive.

Young woman with incredibly large breasts, who will most likely develop medical issues pertaining to carrying additional weight in the upper chest area.
Wow with boobs like that she is going to end up with FLBP.
by Baseball Rube April 25, 2011

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