Not a norwegian word for "getting drunk", although a lot of people think it is. It means "shallow bay". The lack of use and increasing use for meaning "getting drunk" by rich kids is ruining the word.
Wow! That bays i shallow! Do you have a word for that in the awesome language norwegian?
Yes we have, we call it flæ.
by Ordnerd January 25, 2013
Top Definition
FLÆ is a shorter version of "Fylla" who means getting drunk in Norwegian.
Instead of shouting out "Fyllaaaaa", you can just scream FLÆÆÆ.

Many people claim they invented this word, but its origin is in Oslo. More specific at Grefsen by The Grey One(HG) and his friends.
Tonight I am going at FLÆ!
Last nights FLÆ was awsome!
by The Lizzard without a tale February 19, 2011
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