Meaning we're about to smoke a joint, bowl or roach.
by Jordan Rishel August 17, 2004
the thing you say after receiving a drink from any fast food drive threw and throw it back through the window
"Thank you. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!"
by jr November 10, 2003
n. a peculiar species of the backdraft
where you get more than you bargained for

Arson: the act of Fire in the Hole with intent
1: Fire in the Hole!
2: Arson!
by Manhattan Transfer March 23, 2003
when you're in the "doggy-style" position, grab a bottle of tabasco (or hot sauce of preference) and cram it into her anus. The shaking motion of the position will be sure to unload the hot sauce.
She always wanted me to be a fireman, until I gave her a Fire in the Hole.
by nunyafknbizness June 06, 2007
This is used in three situations.
1. When a dangerous explosion is about to forceably destruct anything in its path. Said before diving or getting the fuck out of there.
2. Before lighting up a bong.
3. Song number 16 from Method Man and Redman's CD BLACKOUT!
1. Throw the grenade, yell 'fire inda hole' and hide!
2. Spark up the lighter, open your eyes wide and holla 'fire inda hole'.
3. "Shell shock, soldier in the trenches,
'fire inda hole'!
Game commences, third straight rapper play the benches."
by Diego July 08, 2003
i.e. Firecrotch, Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan, fire in the hole.
by Sweet Baby J August 10, 2007
1.) What one yells when one throws an explosive or farts in public.

2.) Gay bottom horniness, or the itchiness that goes along with.
1.) Peter had to yell "fire in the hole" on the elevator because he let one rip and he didn't want people to smell it.

2.) Whenever Ryan thinks about Jason's cock inside of him, he gets fire in the hole.
by A.V. December 18, 2003

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