A kind of tree
This forest is composed mainly of fir trees
by Cassidy Peterson January 21, 2004
Top Definition
Falling in Reverse ~ post-hardcore rock band.

Lead singer Ronnie Radke, guitarits Jacky Vincent & Derek Jones, drummer Ryan Seaman, and bassist Ronnie Ficarro.
Person 1: Did you see FIR last night?

Person 2: Hell yes, they were fucking fantastic!
by metatpedal377 January 17, 2012
"Facebook Inflation Ratio/Rate" it can be used to describe someone when comparing what they look like in person to what they look like in there facebook profile pictures. Have you noticed on the internet people usually have good looking pictures? Well thats where this word comes in. see examples
Adam-"Mary is pretty cute, shes probly like an 6 outta 10 dude"

Ced- "Alright well lemme check her out on facebook...well based on her FIR, id say shes about a 7 or 8"
by SwaggerWagon June 30, 2010
An abbreviation used for short to say, the band name, Falling In Reverse.
Fan-girl: "FIR is totally my favorite band ever!"
by barbie12 May 07, 2013
First Investigation Report - the very first report of an offense filed with the police.
After getting home from vacation, I found my house burglarized so I filed an FIR with the police and now it's just a matter of bribing them to pay attention to it.
by DaleJulio April 22, 2009
1. someone who's realy good looking
2. a looker but better
girl1: OMG did you see the guy who just came in?
girl2: Yeaaaah, he's looking fir' as dat 1 thang
girl1: You can say that again!
by millz322 June 02, 2007
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