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Acronym of Fuck It's Monday Again.

Used to express the sadness, frustration and mostly the sense of despair one may feel when knowing the work week has unfortunately started and that they have five days ahead of them before experiencing the joy of the week end.
- John: Dude hurry up we are running late for the meeting
- Dave: ...
- John: HELLO ?
- Dave: Sorry I am still sleepy, just realize it's monday
- John: I know FIMA
- Dave: Big time !
by Slang Doctor September 15, 2013
Slang/acronym for "finger in my ass."
How can you possibly start the day without a morning FIMA? I'm impressed.
by Lord_Gneo January 04, 2012
F: Forever
I: In Your
M: Mom's
A: Ass

the new turnt
"Last night was so crunk! I was so FIMA."
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