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"Fuck It Let's Do It"

Termed by the popular video blogger Ze Frank.
"If my FILDI is strong let me keep him in a velvet box until i really really need him. If my FILDI is weak let me feed him on oranges and not let him gorge himself on ego and arrogance." - Ze Frank, An Invocation for Beginnings
#fuck #it #lets #do #flidi #reflex #ze #frank
by ubernoobinator August 06, 2012
FILDI: Acronym for "Fuck it; let's do it".
Usage is when in an interminable meeting and no decision seems in reach and people keep bringing up the same concerns and objections; someone finally says, "I declare FILDI" (or simply "FILDI") and a decision is thereby made and everyone can move on.
#fildi #decision #fed up #fuck it #meeting
by Meddyfnych April 02, 2011
Initialism for "Fuck it let's do it." Used as motivation to do a project (music, art, writing, whatever) and put it into the world.

Originally used by the great vlogger Ze Frank.
Person 1: I'm not really sure how this project will go. I wonder if anyone will like it...?
Person 2: Don't worry about that, just get your FILDI on!
#fuck #it #let's #do #acronym #initialism
by Badusername99 May 14, 2012
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