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FHW (Fine Horny Woman)
A legal woman who acts mature on first impression and is hot as hell, she is seemingly reserved in public but when around her man she becomes horny at the drop of a hat and can fuck for days
Bro 1 “how are things with your girl, she's a dime but does she put out?"
Bro 2 “I couldn't tell when I first met her but she's a FHW, we fucked for 9 hours on the second date instead of seeing my mom in the hospital"
Bro 1 “Damn bro, get it"
by T Ripper June 08, 2015
Fucking Hard Work
"What's your secret to getting fit?"
"I use FHW."
by quasistoic September 20, 2011
fuck homework
Janice: I'm in honors because I'm asian, so I have alllll of this homework.
Fahmeen: gayyyyy. FHW !
Janice: yeah! FWH.
by JANICE/FAHMEEN :) January 11, 2009

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