a fucking hard man
Chris is a FHM
by Rufai February 05, 2004
Top Definition
A magazine for guys to wank over. Chances are they are single.
"beers, cigs and FHM. Oh I hate my life"
by wwt November 17, 2003
The sweetest mens magazine in the world.

Fit bitches every month.

Go ladies confessions and girls on the sofa.
FHM kicks ass
by Chris Marsh November 15, 2003
The bombest new mens magazine. Sorry all you maxim fella's but FHM is here and its taking over.
Damn did you see Leanne Tweeden on the cover of the new FHM wearing that camo outfit. DAMN
by WICKED NINJA NUMBER420 September 23, 2003
Fuckin' Hard Man
Don't mess with me mate, I'm FHM Vinnie me, I'll grab your nuts like I did to Gazza
by David Watts November 16, 2003
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