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Fingered Her But She Didn't Touch My Dick
A good night, but it could have been better...
Herald: Dude i saw you leave with that smokin hot female specimen. You get with her?

Giraldo: fhbsdtmd...

Herald: true, true
by cock_ring August 03, 2009
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Fingered Her But She Didn't Touch My Dick.
PERSON #1: Hey Raaaaaaaandy, did u lay pipe on that girl you met at the show last night?

Raaaaaaaaandy: Nah man, I F.H.B.S.D.T.M.D.
by Raaaaaaaandy August 03, 2009
fingered her but she didn't touch my dick.
-bang that chick last night dude?
by RAAAAAAAANDY87 September 18, 2011

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