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FFUB - Fuck those Fat Ugly Bitches.
FUB - Fat Ugly Bitches

A Fat Ugly Bitch is a girl that you know who thinks shes super hot or super legit but is actually a Fat Ugly Bitch. in a way of communicating with friends instead of saying those proper terms, you can easily say FUB in its place, or if your saying a statement then you can say FFUB for fuck those fat ugly bitches.
1 Dude that chick is so fucken annoying. She thinks shes legit.

2 I know dude shes a total FUB.

1 Hahaha i know right? FFUB

by FFUB FOR LIFE November 13, 2010
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ffubs, (ffubed) (silent f) is when someone adds a negative Buff.
Person 1: Hey Someone Just cast a negative buff on me.
Person 2: No, you have had a ffub.
Person 1: ffub?
Person 2: another word for a negative buff.
by SuPaNoob May 18, 2006

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