acronym for Fat Cock Sandwhich. Used when a customer is dissatisfied when placing an order in a terrible diner/eating establishment.
"Waitress/Waiter: What would you like to order?
Customer: One FCS, medium well.
Waitress/Waiter: FCS? What's that?
Customer: That's a Fat Cock Sandwhich"
by Robert L November 16, 2004
Acronym for 'Fucking Common Sense'
FCS is really the only thing in this world you need to survive.

Not touching the stove because you know it's hot is an exercise in FCS

Mary wanted to sit outside for lunch at the local bistro but, decided to dine inside because it was raining. - FCS
by Slippery Peat July 03, 2005
fuck, cuddle, sleep
mood: fcs
by baae January 02, 2015

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