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FCPS may be the richest school system in the state, but it still sucks
by Timmy Turner October 24, 2003
49 21
Frugal Christian Pilgrim. One of the Christian faith who has demonstrated a proclivity to frugality and the accumulation of wealth. Characterized by financially wise housing, transportation, and life style choices. Not prone to gluttonous spending or consumption, although FCPs tend to maintain very high standards of living.

Due to earlier variants of the term, and shades of meaning, FCP has evolved carry a diversity of connotations although all revolve about the mainstay of frugal Christianity.

FCP can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Dude, Oliver makes that much money and still drives a Ford Taurus? Must be an FCP!

Only an FCP would live here! (referring to a cheap apartment)

Hey CJ what color is your truck? Rust? Naw, I'm just FCP-ing for a while!
by Darius Rex July 10, 2008
44 14
An absolute chaotic band of misfit leaders whos purpose in this world is to make the life of a student by withholding vital information ranging from afterschool activities to snow days. Its decisions are eratic and often lead to greater confusion.
Can you believe FCPS let us off for a centimeter of snow, but not for an inch of snow while we were actually in school?!?!
by DJrunnaman January 28, 2011
12 6
Female Counterpart, it's the opposite sex character of a Male/Boy.
John: I wonder what my fcp would look like, probably hotter than I am right now
by AwesomeWolf December 19, 2013
1 0
A garden of hell that perceives parents into believing it is the best school system around. From ratchet students to teachers that take themselves to seriously..fairfax county public schools is the death of all students.
Student A was suspended for wearing a bandana to school. death hell annoying fcps FCPS
by MED MED January 14, 2013
7 8
Field Course Pubes.

The tangled, matted bush that inevitably appears in the pubic region (usually male) after a few weeks on a field course, backpacking holiday etc. where limited personal hygiene facilities are present.
I hope nobody's broken the pact of not shaving their FCPs
by djpotts July 24, 2011
4 6
An acronym for, Full Court Press - The act of trying to woo a girl at all costs with complete and utter disregard for one's pride or other's personal space. It is to be noted that this tactic can be viewed by many, including the female target, as an act of desparation. The term was coined in Fort Worth, Texas in late 2010.
Holy FCP! Everytime that girl walks away to avoid him he is never but 4 steps behind!
by TarBabies September 27, 2010
3 5