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1. What happens when the condom breaks and you're left with a tough decision.

2. When a bunch of guys from Midlothian, IL get together and turn a dive into something worse than a dive, but you go anyways cause it's fucking free.

3. In certain dilemmas, the most ass-backward, ironic thing to do, can also be described as the FCABian thing to do.
1. "so I was nailing this blue-haired French chick the other night, and I FCABed halfway through. So I got out my passport and bailed."

2. A lady from Omaha said, "I wonder if that chick on bass is a lesbian."

3. There's three hot girls dancing by the stage. One of them has the herpes. What would the FCABian thing to do be?
by Bobby Darin' ghost. June 18, 2008