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FBZ stands for Federal Bureau of Zion, its been in existance since 2002 and is based out of Commack long island. its members are made of the realist kids u will ever know. if you think you are living your life, your are wrong, the FBZ controls everything and everyone. our members span the country from simple civilians to major celebrities such as George Lucas, Partick Warburton, Dane Cook, Karl Malone and many others. The founding members are Jay and Rory. FBZ takes shots, but not from guns.
person 1:"do you know who the FBZ is?"
person 2:"yea, don't mess with them, or they will make a statement on your face."


FBZ are the realist, are you down with FBZ?
by FBZ April 24, 2006
Firebirdz clan of runescape
Person 1: FBZ owns you all!
Person 2: Agreed
by Yaziyo May 02, 2005