full belly syndrome

symptoms include drowsiness and in extreme cases the inability to answer calls or be active

the leading cause of fbs is considered to be overeating
after thanksgiving dinner and a half bottle of wine, i curled up in my snuggie and suffered stage 4 fbs
by swagerty856 July 25, 2011
Facebook Spy
An individual that stalks people on facebook. Or noses about on peoples facebook pages, to gossip about it.
I was on some FBS tip, and found out she's pregnant!
by Ja'e June 22, 2010
Fat Boy Swag or Fat Boy Struggle two meanings that can be used in a good or bad way.
Glenn: i cant believe you got that girls number dude
Jones: FBS! dude, i got that Fat Boy Swag


Jones: dude help me out of this jacket im stuck (starts to sweat and is struggling to breathe)
Glenn: haha "FBS" (Fat Boy Struggle)
Jones: Thanks man! (sarcasm)
by Jones Malones February 05, 2010
Fizzy Belly Syndrome - the feeling you get in your tummy when you gaze into the eyes of your loved one. Like the word 'love' for people afraid of the word 'love'
"Darlin', you've gone given me a bad case of FBS"
by Prophylactic Man January 24, 2010
Full body shutter
This term originates back to the summer of 2007. Originally an involuntary spasm when touched by a disapproving female, it has since been adopted by others as a formal way to communicate "that's really gross", or "that's fucked up."

It can be used by males and females and should not be overused. If a person is incapable of shaking the entire body in disgust, they are not allowed to say "aww, fbs", and are excluded from the fan club.
Jen: OMG, Stacey is giving Phil a hug. That bitch!
Jon: Yeah but he's having an fbs, he's clearly not interested
Jen: What a relief! I'm glad fbs exist!

NOTE: The above example is based on an extremely true story. I swear.
by Peaters Griffiens April 16, 2009
<u>fat bastard syndrome.</u>
when you have fbs, you eat like a fb.
im away to raid the cupboards, emma,
do you have fbs like?
fat bastard syndrome, megan ....
by emma, & megan (: July 10, 2008
FBS is short for the Fucked-up Broadcasting System is used when somebody is so trashed, they feel the need to tell people about it.
Joe: "Man, I'm so fucked up!"

Friends: "Joe's using the FBS."
by Dorene January 27, 2008

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