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essentially an acronym that encourages fornication with relatively unknown members of the opposite sex without any form of contraception.

While it may appear somewhat immature, and extremely hazardous to one's health (contingent on sexual preferences), it reflects an impartial attitude only to be had by college kids who cannot afford condoms.
Dan: " dude i totally railed like 3 girls last night, i forgot my codoms at home but whatever"

Matt:" yeahhh *nods head* FBNR"
by Aberhood111 February 15, 2009
An acronym for fuck bitches no rubbers. created by the crhs indoor track team. Can be used as a verb or adjective. Also known as fuck bitches no condoms for white people.
Last night i went fbnr style on your hot mom.

Tonight I'm going to fbnr and get some hoes pregnant.
by Dan Glesak May 19, 2007
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